Deputy Director Education & Learning

Deputy Director Education and Learning – £92,852 to £98,315

Our Deputy Director, Education & Learning has a vital role to play in building our new Bradford.  With the youngest population in the UK, we know our young people can be the catalyst and engine for future success.  You will work with all partners across the education system to improve outcomes, harnessing and unleashing the pride, energy and ambitions of our young people and their families.

Bradford is a complex education environment.  Education standards are improving.  The Primary KS2 results are the best they have been for over a decade, EYFS shows great improvements.  And with Progress 8 – we are the fourth most improved in the country.  We have more Good and Outstanding schools than we did last year, the year before and the year before that so there is real progress.

We focus on outcomes, have established positive partnerships and are embracing innovative approaches to accelerate success.  Our pioneering spirit lives on in our determination to keep building a better Bradford.

We established the Education Covenant as a call for the whole community to get behind Children’s Education – leaders, teachers, governors, volunteers, parents, partners and the business community. We have also established very strong relationships regionally and nationally to ensure we can broker the best support for our leaners. The concept of the Covenant is simply that if everybody contributes all our young people benefit.

The just launched Bradford Opportunity Area programme is one of 12 partnerships nationally and will focus on improving social mobility for our young people.  This reflects our passion for connecting our young people to each other, to our communities and to new opportunities across the region and globally.  We are also redesigning our Early Help and prevention offer as well as our SEND services. Young people and education are at the heart of our new Economic Strategy 2018-30

You’ll ensure this, and other initiatives, continue to make an impact.

You’ll be immersed in improving education, learning and attainment and will bring a commitment to working with partners across the system wherever you can make a positive difference.  You’ll have experience of succeeding in similarly complex systems at a senior level, working in the spotlight with a constantly evolving population, multiple partners and a ‘will-do’ culture.  You’ll bring finely honed political antennae and a personal style that wins friends and builds our reputation as a District on the move. You’ll be joining a team where strong partnerships already exist, recognised by our JTAI into abuse and neglect last year and by our heads through the LGA Council’s Peer review 2017.  You’ll have support at the highest levels of the District, with everyone determined to keep driving progress.

Bradford has an energy and drive that is infectious; we have something special here.  Our people have the confidence to face challenges head on, try new things and lead the way.  Our young people are at the heart of this.  You’ll keep them there and build a better future with them.

Key Achievements

  • Fourth Improved education standards across all phases with 4th most improved authority for Progress 8
  • Positive JTAI in 2017  focusing on Domestic Abuse
  • One of 12 pilots for Opportunity Area Programme to improve social mobility
  • Largest youth population in UK
  • 4000 businesses involved in Bradford’s Education Covenant
  • 3000 young people participating in sector led Industries Centres of Excellence