Assistant Director Commissioning and Integration

Assistant Director, Commissioning and Integration – £81,928 to £92,852

Our Assistant Director, Commissioning and Integration will be operating at the heart of our highly effective partnerships across the District.  Shaping our large and complex system to meet the present and future needs of our hyper-diverse communities is critical.  Our focus on prevention and early intervention continues to yield positive results.  We now want to push forward, pioneering new approaches to accountable care and community support.  We want our people to live longer, be healthier and remain independent in, but connected to their communities.

Bradford is an amazing District, combining the buzz of a thriving city with the beauty of an amazing countryside.  But underneath the headlines there’s a pattern of demanding health and social care needs that stretch resources and challenge traditional solutions.  Health indicators need to improve across the District.  Few roles offer the combined challenges of rural isolation and a lack of access to services alongside the complexity of a rapidly changing city and all this brings.  Our services must adapt to these constantly changing population needs. Our pioneering spirit lives on in our determination to keep building a better Bradford.

You’ll have deep experience at working at the interface of health and well-being, with an expert understanding of how to achieve effective integration through partnerships, joint services, shared performance and effective commissioning.  An excellent, whole-system thinker, you’ll bring the political nous, strategic clarity and personal credibility to make a difference across the District.  Strong on relationships, you’ll work with all our partners, including our 2 Accountable Care Boards, GP alliance, 3 CCGS and active VCS, to constantly reshape and devise solutions that improve outcomes.  You’ll bring a focus on connecting people to each other, and to effective services that work for them.

Bradford has an energy and drive that is infectious; we have something special here.  Our people and our partners have the confidence to face challenges head on, try new things and lead the way.    You’ll keep them on track, building a network of services that guide the future of health and well-being.