AD Office of the Chief Executive

Assistant Director, Office of the Chief Executive – £81,928 to £92,852

A key player at the heart of the Council, our Assistant Director, Office of the Chief Executive, will help shape, inform and guide the leadership focus for the District over the coming years.  You’ll have the ear of the Chief Executive and Leader and will use such high-level access wisely.  You’ll know when to speak up and when to listen carefully.  You’ll always act to take us closer to our vision for Bradford, to make real, lasting change and to build our District as a confident, cutting-edge, connected council.

First you’ll need to get the basics right by ensuring your key services are high quality and effective, so that business intelligence informs the present and future; marketing and communications pitch our key messages where they need to be heard and policy shapes the future across the District.  This role is about how you combine the impact of your services, judgement and relationships to support the continued transformation of Bradford’s people, place and culture, in the Council, across the District and beyond.

You could come from any background but will have deep experience of working with key organisational leaders, at the nexus of operations and corporate thinking, to influence a better future and deliver real change.  You must be sensitive to complex, diverse agendas, tuned into the political current of the region and be able to navigate change using evidence, knowledge and judgement.  You’ll have real depth in the intelligent use of business data and business planning, with highly developed soft influencing skills.  You’ll make a real difference within the Council and the District, realising that Bradford’s next chapter is being written now, to be read by future generations.

Key Achievements

  • 10th most productive upper tier council in UK (Impower 2017)
  • Most productive economic area in Yorkshire (ONS)
  • Best place to start a high growth business of the 20 largest cities in UK (Barclays 2017)
  • Fourth most improved District for educational attainment in 2017
  • Positive peer review and JTAI (domestic abuse) (2017)
  • Northern Powerhouse Station proposed for Bradford by Transport for the North (January 2018)
  • Investment of circa 1 billion in city centre regeneration 2008-2017
  • Opening of The David Hockney Gallery in 2017 – celebrating Hockney’s 80th birthday and abiding relationship with his home city
  • Bradford Literature Festival rated the third most significant UK literature festival – after Edinburgh and Hay.
  • City Hall to house the national museum of rugby league from 2020
  • The NEC to operate The Odeon from 2021 – the largest mid sized venue outside London