Strategic Director – Health and Wellbeing

shipleysheepSalary £130,181 – £136,480

Strategic Director, Health and Wellbeing

We’ve merged three services to create this new role, Adult Services, Public Health and Environmental Health.  Our intention is to create one department with a new culture and approach – placing communities and people at the heart of our approach to health and wellbeing across Bradford, rather than more traditional, provider-led services.
We have many health opportunities across the district, including easy access to the Yorkshire Dales (we were the local authority with the largest amount of the Tour De France route in our area) and some of the best walking, cycling and outdoor activities around.  Alongside this we also have significant challenges.

Parts of our communities experience many of the symptoms of deprivation and poverty.  With our £37.3M BCF allocation, we’re starting to make headway on tackling these issues.  Our focus is to improve wellbeing across the district so that all our people can benefit from our improving economic performance, with healthier, more active, more engaged and more productive lives.

A key part of this agenda is to build a different relationship with our people and communities, that places them at the heart of our wellbeing agenda, engaged in identifying needs and shaping solutions in a dynamic, thriving, integrated ecosystem.  This move from being provider led to community led must deliver a better system and improved outcomes across the Council, our three NHS Foundation Trusts, three CCGs, VCS and providers, all focused on meeting our long term goals.

As demographic pressures continue to align with reduced resources, we must become more innovative, more integrated, less fragmented, seamless and focused on alternative solutions to meeting needs.  Integration and community-led cannot be buzzwords without substance, we want to see this delivered across the District.  This will require a real focus on partnerships, backed up with the robustness to challenge, cajole, persuade and drive results whilst radically changing our ethos and culture.

The Strategic Director’s influence extends beyond the community, health partners, the VCS and alternative providers into almost every aspect of the Council.  Keeping a tight grip on the financial, safeguarding and service challenges whilst re-configuring and refocussing our culture will be an exciting, demanding and stimulating challenge.  We want someone with a special set of values, skills and experience to lead this agenda.

The Person

Our new Strategic Director will be highly visible within and outside the Council.  They must be able to make clear linkages to our District vision, and bring the credibility to shape and lead the agenda to achieve change.  They will believe that by putting people and communities at the heart of system redesign and service delivery, we can bring innovation and new approaches that challenge the provider-led mindset that can stifle change.  This reinvigorated system and approach will create the foundation for improved health and wellbeing across the district.

The new Strategic Director must have deep experience of working effectively at the nexus of health and social care with the intellectual capacity and bravery to take best practice from any sector.  They will bring a strong understanding of adult social services and the nationally policy agenda around integration with health.  Highly developed political skills are vital, alongside a passion for engaging service users, an openness to challenge, the capacity to listen as well as lead and the judgement to get the best outcomes in the face of tough decisions.  They will bring a credibility from having operated at a senior level in the health or social care sector, and must be able to have an impact at the most senior levels across the district and region.