Strategic Director Health and Wellbeing

Salary £138,163 – £144,847

Strategic Director, Health and Wellbeing

Bradford is changing at pace. We have a proud and innovative history, based on values, passion and ambition.  This shapes our vision and feeds our drive.  We’re building a stronger economy, investing in all our people, creating stronger, more sustainable communities and forging a new narrative for a dynamic Bradford.  Harnessing all our talents and resources is central to our future.

Health and Wellbeing is pivotal in Bradford, it links all we do.  Our Health and Wellbeing Board provides leadership and strategic direction to all our partnerships across the District on quality of life issues.  Our Strategic Director Health and Wellbeing leads this agenda for the Council and is a high-profile player across the District and region. Our approach is bringing new opportunities in a developing health economy.  Born in Bradford give us enviable insights that uniquely describe the place we love.  Our strengths touch everything and everyone in the District.

We’ve built deep foundations in Health and Wellbeing across the District.  All partners have a strong commitment to closer integration and we’ve agreed a shared agenda.  Bradford is a large system.  We know our strengths and face our challenges together.  As a council we’ve refocused our services in recent years, have managed challenging demographics, have a grip on our finances and are seeing service improvements feed into better outcomes across the District.  We have good relations with providers, have developed new services such as Fletcher Court (new extra care provision) and have better informed and more effective commissioning.  Our system is evolving.  Our three CCGs are formally merging in April, after four years of shared leadership.  Our community and locality-based support is helping more people to stay at home for longer and more healthily, but this needs to be more widespread and more effective. It needs to be better embedded. We need to go from partnership to deeper integration, system wide.  This will require a real focus on relationships, backed up with the robustness to challenge, cajole, persuade and drive results whilst radically changing our ethos and culture. And we need to ensure our departmental leadership is corporate, embeds a positive, people focused culture and works together to deliver real change.

We’ve created the foundation for great things in Bradford. We now want new leadership to help us take this next step.

The Person

The Strategic Director’s influence extends into almost every aspect of the Council and the District.  We want someone with a special set of values, skills and experience to lead this agenda.  They must bring the credibility to shape and lead the agenda in the District and across West Yorkshire.  They will keep people and communities at the heart of our system, bring innovation, will reinvigorate our approach and continue to improve health and wellbeing across the district.

The new Strategic Director must have deep experience of working effectively at the nexus of health and adult’s social care with the intellectual capacity and bravery to take best practice from any sector.  They will bring a track record of effective partnerships, close working with health, system-wide impact and a focus on community and locality-based solutions to meeting need.  They’ll have a deep understanding of adult’s social care, health and national policy agenda around integration.  Highly developed political skills are vital, alongside a passion for engaging service users, an openness to challenge, the capacity to listen as well as lead and the judgement to get the best outcomes in the face of tough decisions.  They will bring credibility from having operated at a senior level within social care, having led an effective, integrated system, and must be able to have an impact at the most senior levels across the district and region.