Education Psychologist testimonial

I’m Helen Chilton, and I’m a main grade EP who’s previously worked in 3 other local authorities

My previous job was in a small neighbouring authority with a fairly homogenous population. I was looking to work amongst a more diverse set of communities and in a bigger authority where there was potential to become involved with a variety of initiatives. I had also heard that the team was very friendly, cohesive and supportive – which indeed proved to be the case.

One of my favourite things about this job is my role in carrying out individual assessments for the New Communities & Travellers Service of young people who appear to have complex learning and other needs. In the past two years, working alongside interpreters, I have devised and reported on bespoke assessments for children and teenagers newly arrived in the U.K., whether as EU Migrants or as refugees, from Syria, Slovakia, Poland, Somalia and elsewhere.

Because of its size and diverse population, you should come for the sheer variety of initiatives, projects and partnerships you have the opportunity to be involved with. But even more importantly, in my view, the special spirit that people who live and work in Bradford show – I’ve never worked anywhere where people are as grateful and appreciative of what we do, as they are here.