Education Health and Care Assessments

Education Health and Care Assessments in Bradford

In order to meet the increased demand for Education Health and Care Assessments, the EPT has been proactive in pursuing alternative ways of managing this. This has resulted in the development of a Joint Assessment Meeting (JAM) process whereby EP advice is given verbally at a multi-agency co-construction meeting.

This development has been well received by parents who feel that they are more involved in and able to contribute to the development of their child’s plan. It is also in line with the Code of Practice ethos of families having to ‘tell their story only once’.

Following an assessment session, the EP records brief notes on an EHCP summary sheet to guide discussion. Attendance at the JAM allows the EP to contribute verbally to the multi-agency discussion of needs, outcomes and provision.

This way of working has significantly reduced the number of statutory reports produced by EPs and has resulted in statutory compliance increasing to 100%. EPs themselves report that this way of working  is more collaborative and provides a way of working directly with parents and the LA to ensure a young person’s needs are met.