Assistant Director Economy and Development Services

Assistant Director Economy and Development Services Commissioned by Tourism Jacquie B May 2010 Dean Camera Crew

£80,314 – £91,023

Bradford is one of the most varied, diverse and exciting cities in the UK, and a major regional centre for culture, leisure and enterprise. Our entrepreneurial spirit is thriving, with an energy and a vibrancy that’s opening up new economic opportunities. We’re determined to match this energy with a renewed focus on joined-up work at a neighbourhood level, looking for rapid and visible impact on our citizens’ lives. Our New Deal for Bradford makes a commitment to keep working to improve the district, city centre and all our towns and communities to achieve:
• Good schools and a great start for all our children
• Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy
• Better health, better lives
• Safe, clean and active communities
• Decent homes that people can afford to live in.

As we continue to build a city that’s proud to take its place as a global player, this role will be pivotal in keeping the promises we’ve made to all Bradford’s people. Leading services including Economic Development, Regeneration, Strategic Housing, and the Capital Team, you’ll drive and optimise key strategies and plans such as our Producer City Strategy, City Plan, Estates Strategy, Regeneration Masterplans, and LCR Strategic Economic Plan. Tirelessly influencing, advocating and negotiating with local, regional and national agencies to secure the very best for the City, you’ll also act as a standard-bearer for the council with investors, businesses, employees and communities, building engagement with and support for our ambitions. Together with the Assistant Director for Estates and Property Services, you’ll deliver strategies and projects that realise the economic and employment potential of the city for all its people. Establishing strong and beneficial relationships with partners such as housing associations and the HCA, you’ll drive a leading-edge programme of asset-backed regeneration and economic development that will deliver lasting benefit to communities.

We expect that you’ll be able to offer compelling evidence of success at a senior management level within a similar setting, and a highly developed understanding of the current issues, challenges and opportunities within the field. You should be able to bring a strategic perspective to the role, grounded in a realistic understanding of the practical challenges of raising performance levels and effecting cultural change. Able to quickly establish strong working relationships with your own teams and a range of partners, and build credibility and trust at all levels, you will relish the chance to support, influence and strengthen resilience in the service. We’re looking for exceptional candidates, who can embrace our vision and work with others to achieve it.