DCS – Welcome

Dear potential candidate,

Thank you for your interest in the Deputy Director role here in Bradford. As the new DCS I am pleased to welcome you to what could be for you the start of an exciting and challenging journey of working to improve all services across the City and District of Bradford. It is clear from recent Ofsted reports that there is much to do and that the quality of services to children and families has not been good enough for some time. Ofsted have highlighted the real need to improve the quality of social work practice, to strengthen the management oversight and grip of the work and to ensure that the children of Bradford receive good quality support in a timely way. So, there is a lot to do as the Deputy Director as you will have responsibility for the full range of social work services across the District and by working as part of Team Bradford ensuring we deliver good and outstanding provision for our children.

I strongly believe that the conditions for success exist in Bradford and that the improvement to services can be embedded and sustained with the goal of improving outcomes for our children. You will receive full support from myself, support from every part of the council and from partner agencies to make the changes and bring about the improvement that is required. Bradford is the youngest city in England with a diverse population and it has a real sense of where it wants it children’s services to be over the next two to three years. My vision is that we place children at the heart of everything we do and that we will set the highest aspirations, expect the highest standards and that we strive to deliver good and outstanding provision. I also want to make sure that the service continues to innovate and seek new ways of working so that we can learn from the best and ensure our services are seen locally and nationally as being amongst the best.

In delivering this vision I am looking for an individual with a proven track record of delivering service improvement, someone who can demonstrate leadership as well as management skills and someone who is clear about how we put children at the forefront of what we do every day here in Bradford. The role will be demanding, I will expect the highest possible standards but it will importantly be exciting, it will push and challenge you and it will be hugely rewarding as we make progress on our journey to being a good and outstanding children’s services. It’s nothing more than the children of this City and District deserve so if you have the resilience and skills for the challenge then I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Douglas

Strategic Director Children’s Services