City Solicitor

City Solicitor

£91,023 – £96,378

Bradford is the proud product of countless individual contributions and community collaborations, woven into a single and continuing whole.

Our district is rich in its diversity and heritage, and it continues to change and evolve. Today Bradford is home to a multicultural and enterprising community, with an energy and a vibrancy that’s fuelling innovation and creativity. And our entrepreneurial spirit is thriving, supporting growth and development, and opening up new economic opportunities.

The New Deal for Bradford makes a commitment to keep working to improve the district, city centre and all our towns and communities to achieve:

  • Good schools and a great start for all our children
  • Better skills, more good jobs and a growing economy
  • Better health, better lives
  • Safe, clean and active communities
  • Decent homes that people can afford to live in.

As City Solicitor and Monitoring Officer, you’ll be a key member of the Corporate Management Team, playing a vital role in realising our ambitions for Bradford. You need to demonstrate a corporate, strategic approach to leadership across the organisation, monitoring and promoting good governance across the whole of the Council’s functions and activities. As the Council’s legal lead, overseeing a team of around 100 and a budget of £6m, you’ll build a culture of achievement and excellence which is accountable for delivering real outcomes.

Qualified as a solicitor or barrister, and able to practice at the Bar, you must bring extensive senior legal experience in a large and complex public or similar organisation. We are looking for compelling evidence of success as a senior manager, and a highly developed understanding of current issues, challenges and opportunities within law as it relates to local government. Specific areas of responsibility are as diverse as democratic and legal services, the mortuary, the registrar and the coroner, so you must be able to demonstrate broad competence and an appreciation of the scope of the role.

You will bring a strategic perspective, grounded in a realistic understanding of the practical challenges of driving improved performance and effecting cultural change. Able to quickly establish strong working relationships with elected members (to whom you will be the lead adviser on constitutional and legal issues) and a range of partners, and build credibility and trust with stakeholders at all levels, you will relish the chance to support, influence and advance the Council’s priorities across the board.

See further information on Legal and Democratic Services

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